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A new bill could speed up the FDA’s approval process for treatments of incurable diseases. 

Congresswoman Kathy Hochul has proposed the Faster Access to Specialized Treatments Act or the FAST Act that would allow patients with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Muscular Dystrophy to receive treatments and experimental medications quicker.  

Hochul said the FDA’s current approval process takes about 7 to 9 years. 

“This basically tells the drug administration that we have this type of drug for you to expedite use on all the maintaining all the appropriate safety’s and review status that they need to have speeded up because every minute matters for a family whose child has a life threatening disease,” said Hochul. 

Hochul said she hopes the bill will make people waiting for treatment a top priority on the FDA’s list.  

“We don’t want any bureaucracy or red tape to tie it up there. Go through the proper process to make sure that it meets all of our proper standards, but we need this to move faster because people’s lives are in the balance,” said Hochul. 
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