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It’s been confirmed, Erin Brockovich will be making an appearance in LeRoy Wednesday night. She will be accompanied by Bob Bowcock of Integrated Resource Management.

The environmental firm was hired to test the Lehigh Railroad spill site in Lime Rock after several LeRoy high school students started displaying tic-like symptoms.

Bowcock said they will be making the appearance to answer any questions the public may have about their findings.

“Many people know when we were out we were looking for TCE ,we did find it, we did not find it in the LeRoy school area at all. We did find MTBE which is a gasoline additive that’s both used in fracking of gas wells as-well as petroleum products and there’s a gas pipeline that runs through the community, so we want to investigate that further and find out the source of the MTBE,” said Bowcock.

Bowcock said they will also be making suggestions about what can be done in order to keep the community healthy.

Bowcock said the two were invited to speak by the parents of the LeRoy high school students and that's why local officials were not alerted. He said that it wasn't intentional that officials weren't made aware of the appearence. 

They will be at the American Legion Post in LeRoy tomorrow at 6p.m. 

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