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27-year old Jacquetta Simmons took the stand in Genesee County Court Thursday. She’s accused of punching 70-year old Wal-mart cashier Grace Suozzi on Christmas Eve.

On the stand Simmons referred to hitting Suozzi saying quote: “I don’t remember hitting her, I don’t remember wanting to hit her.”

An investigating State Trooper took the stand and repeated Simmons testimony from that day at Wal-Mart. He said Simmons said quote: “somebody grabbed my, I don’t remember what happened, I just punched”.

Right after that an Assistant Manager at Wal-mart took that stand and he said he heard Simmons say quote: “she didn’t care about these dirty-ass white people.” 

 The trial is expected to wrap up next week. 


Surveilance video was made avalable to media outlets that requested it, including WBTA.

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