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Some of your children’s school supplies could be unsafe. In a report released by the Center for Environmental Health & Justice it was found that 75% of children's school supplies were contained toxic chemicals above the federal limit for toys.

Mike Schade helped author the report. He said they tested backpacks, lunch boxes, rain boots and three ring binders that were purchased at a number of retail stores in the New York City area .

“Just like toys children’s school supplies of course are used by young children who are particularly vulnerable by chemical exposure. We tested an “Amazing Spiderman” backpack that contained levels that were 52 times higher than the limit set by the federal ban on toys, a Dora the Explorer back pack we tested contained levels of these phthalates that were 69 times higher than the limit,” said Schade.

Schade said the chemical phthalates found in the products have been linked to asthma, ADHD and diabetes.

“They’re used to make it soft and flexible, so you can’t make vinyl plastic soft and flexible without adding these phthalate plasticizers and unfortunately these are chemicals that are not bound to the plastic and they can be released and consumers and young children interacting with these plastic products can be exposed to them,” said Schade.

Schade said if parents would like to out more on which products were tested they can visit CHEJ.ORG.

In addition Senator Charles Schumer announced that he is pushing legislation that would regulate such chemicals. 


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