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Republican Congressional Candidate Chris Collins was in Batavia Friday morning. The former Erie County Executive toured Chapin International and spoke with the company’s managers and workers.

Collins said the topic of discussion after the tour was job creation and “ObamaCare”.

“ObamaCare is not something that the business community welcomes at all. In fact, there are different numbers, but everyone seems to agree it will cost jobs in the United States, so as I campaign against my opponent Kathy Hochul who supports Obama Care and I clearly do not it’s a big differentiator the voters will have to consider,” said Collins.

But, Congressional Incumbent Kathy Hochul’s Campaign Manager Frank Thomas said there are parts of the Affordable Care Act that are beneficial to businesses, large and small.

“You’re covering people’s preexisting conditions, your covering kids and getting them on their parents insurance. You know for small businesses you’re looking at a bill that exempts them from these requirements and for some of the larger businesses your going to see serious tax credits that’s going to make it cheaper for them to get their insurance and it’s going to make it easier for them to cover their employees and it’s going to make it easier and cheaper for them to get their employees the coverage that they need,” said Thomas.

(Correction, Update 9/10/12

(The law specifically exempts all firms that have fewer than 50 employees – 96 percent of all firms in the United States or 5.8 million out of 6 million total firms – from any employer responsibility requirements. These 5.8 million firms employ nearly 34 million workers. More than 96 percent of firms with 50 or more employees already offer health insurance to their workers. Less than 0.2 percent of all firms (about 10,000 out of 6 million) may face employer responsibility requirements. Many firms that do not currently offer coverage will be more likely to do so because of lower premiums and wider choices in the Exchange.) 

However, Collins said the businesses he’s spoken too are against the Act and afraid it will increase taxes for middle class Americans and increase the Country’s debt.

Thomas said Hochul knows it’s going to be a close race, but she been in tight races before. He said in a race about business Hochul has been an active participant in making things work for small business. 

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