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It was a rare display of opposition to a bill before the Genesee County legislature.
About two-dozen people, most of whom are employed by the Genesee County Nursing Home, turned out tonight to express opposition to the sale of the county owned facility.
The legislature approved a measure to hire a consultant to study the future of the nursing home, including its possible sale.  The nursing home has operated in the red for the past several years, requiring taxpayer dollars to make up for the loss.
Bea McManis, a self described advocate for senior citizens, spoke in favor of keeping the nursing home under county ownership.
Legislator Jay Grasso (R-LeRoy) assured the group that no matter what was eventually decided about the nusing home, no would be left without a place to live.

Here is a portion of they both had to say. First McManis, then Grasso:

The legislature unanimously agreed to spend $62,000 to hire the Center for Government Research in Rochester to conduct the nusing home study.

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