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It’s an event that’s just for adults. On Saturday over 500 people are expected to be in Downtown Batavia for the annual taste of fall “Wine Walk.” The event for those over 21 years of age will bring a variety of wines for everyone to taste.

The Business Improvement District or the BID is sponsoring the event. Executive Director Don Burkel said it’s a great chance for local vendors and wineries to come together.

“Wine seemed like something both couples can do and individuals. People are anxious are to do these types of things and I think the other thing is too is that it’s different from your beer fests or October fests and things like that there’s benefits to New York State. We do have some New YorkState wines in there and of course we really like to promote them as much as we can,” said Burkel.   

New YorkState is the second largest wine producing State in the Country next to California. Burkel said knowing we’re in a big wine State and in an agricultural County they decided an event focused on wine only made sense.

“Some of the wineries of course do produce fruit wines and various related types of thing. There’s one (Winery) that’s actually going to have cider there as-well,” said Burkel.

Burkel reminds everyone to drink responsibly. He says for people to get home safely there is Designated Driver tickets available at the BID located on 200 Main Street in Batavia.

The “Wine Walk” will kick off at 5p.m. Saturday, September 15th. 

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