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Six members of the GCC team have been awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence.

The award recognizes outstanding contributions to their profession, the campus and the community-at-large and encouraging the ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Psychology instructor Elise Banfield, Director of Human Services Programs Connie Boyd, Math professor Meredith Altman, Academic advisor Mary Jo Dumuhosky, Technical specialist for student activities Joanna Barefoot, and Math/science secretary Cheryl Young were the recipients of the Chancellor’s Award.

Donna Rae Sutherland, the Associate Director of Marketing Communications, says for GCC to be recognized in an array of facets is a source of pride.

“The SUNY Chancellor’s Award is one of the ways that the university system recognizes the best people and the most dedicated employees," Sutherland said, "whether they’re a staff member, a faculty member, or administrator. Having received a SUNY Chancellor’s Award in 2011, I know from very heartfelt experience that it is quite an honor to be recognized."

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