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Genesee County officials are finding fault with a new state law that, while well intended, has some major problems when it comes to implementation.
The measure is Leandra’s Law, a state law that stipulates anyone caught driving drunk with a child in the car, will be charged with a felony.
Within the statute though is another provision that states anyone convicted of drunk driving will be required to install a device that prevents the car from starting unless the drivers passes a breathalyzer. This provision takes effect on August 15.
But what happens is someone sober causes the car to start and then turns the wheel over to someone whose been drinking?
County Manager Jay Gsell said that while there may be complaints about spouses being required to blow into a machine to start their cars, the real complaints will come after somebody who was supposed to prevented from driving manages to drive drunk anyway.
County Legislator Jay Grasso of LeRoy, a former sheriff’s deputy, says the device is too much for the first time offender.

Both Gsell and Grasso spoke before the legislature's Public Safety Committee: first Gsell, then Grasso

County officials estimate there could be 450 of the devices in use in Genesee County under the law. The devices cost $100 to install and about $100 a month to maintain. The state provided no local funding.

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