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New York Senator Charles Schumer says we could soon be paying more than six dollars for a gallon of milk...if the farm bill isn't renewed.

The 2012 bill passed the Senate in June but remains stalled in the House. The current bill expired yesterday.

Speaking in Albany, Schumer said this will hit people hard.

"The price of this commodity, cheese will double, it will cost middle class families and all families a fortune and it will hurt our economy rather significantly."

The Farm Bill is enacted every five to seven years and provides farm and food policy for the U.S.

 Schumer says milk has no replacement which should fuel urgency to re-adopt the Farm Bill.

“Milk isn’t like some other food that can be substituted. If white bread people go on strike, you can have whole wheat break, or rye bread. But with milk – it’s milk, and that’s that.”

 House Speaker John Boehner recently said that the issue would be taken up again after the November elections.

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