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With daily reports about high unemployment and discouraging job reports, it’s understandable for a college student to be unsure of the best career path.

GCC is hosting a one-day Harvest Festival and Farmer’s Market tomorrow. There will be several local vendors with fresh produce and local products, but the event also caters to GCC students who might be interested in agriculture as a career.

Nathan Rudgers, a business consultant for FarmCredit East, will participate in a panel discussion. He says agriculture is a satisfying career choice.

“Agriculture is unique in that it is business built entirely on the land and from the land," Rudgers said. "Therefore, it’s a very tangible activity. You know that you’ve accomplished something after you either work on a farm or work with farmers.”

Perhaps unbeknownst to students is that agriculture covers a variety of fields of study and possible career options such as bioengineering, conservation, environmental science and green technology. Because of this, Rudgers says agriculture is a steady industry.

“Looking at jobs in the agricultural industry – because of their permanence and because of their strong connection to both the land, the people that consume products produced from that land – is a pretty great opportunity," Rudgers said. 

The event will be open to the public from 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM for people to take advantage of the Farmer’s Market.

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