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For those between the ages of 40 and 64 in Genesee and Orleans Counties, there is help if you have no medical insurance.

UMMC will offer free health screenings from 2-8 PM tomorrow at the Jerome Center.

Lisa Franclemont is the coordinator for the Cancer Services of Gensee and Orleans Counties which is planning the event. She says that with the basic cost of living so high, sometimes paying for health insurance is not a priority.

"The people who are uninsured are the people who are working two and three jobs just to pay their bills, and they're spending every penny that they're earning just to get by," Franclemont said. "So, there is no extra money and that's why, I think, people aren't paying for the health insurance."

Services offered tomorrow are mammograms, pap smears, and clinical breast exams for women and prostate screenings for men. Additional screening services include blood sugar testing, total cholesterol and take-home colorectal cancer screening kits.

Franclemont says many people without insurance don’t want to know if they have a health issue because they won’t be able to afford to have it addressed. That’s why assistance will be available to those requiring follow-up care.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there was availability for men over the age of 50 and two spots for mammograms for women. For more information, call the UMMC Healthy Living Department at 344-5331.

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