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Poll sites are open all over the country for Election Day.

At the Office for the Aging polling site in Batavia, there has been a steady crowd all day. Poll worker Nancy Ewert says the turnout was heavy in the pre-work hour crowd and that it’s a diverse polling site. Ewert – who is an experienced poll worker -- also says that she understands how important this election is to everyone.

“This is one of the most clear and decisive elections we’ve had," Ewert said. "The choices are very different, and I think that that creates a big turnout. I think people have a definitive idea of what they want our country to be and because of that, they are going to come out and vote.”

One voter there said she were worried about how those affected by Hurricane Sandy were going to perform their civil duty when they have much more serious issues to deal with.

Cuomo did announce today that those affected will be able to vote at any polling place, not just the one they’re assigned to.

Another voter at the poll center expressed frustration that so much money is spent on campaigning, instead of on more pressing issues the country faces.

“It could go to people who really, really, really need it now. And both campaigns – the presidential and the local  -- have spent far too many millions of dollars that could help people survive."

The Genesee County Board of Elections had been preparing for a near 80 percent voter turnout leading up to Election Day.




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