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Church burglar John Cabrera Jr. was sentenced to two to six years on three counts served consecutively in County Court today.

In October, Cabrera admitted to three Class D felonies of burglary and escape. He could be in jail from six to 18 years. If he's released any time before 18 years, the balance of the sentence will be served on parole.

The 22-year-old told Judge Robert Noonan that he knew had made mistakes and expressed remorse.

Cabrera’s crimes included a burglary at St. Paul's, St. Mary's, Ascension West, First Baptist and St. James.

Cabrera was ordered to pay restitution to a Town of Batavia woman he also stole from and to Genesee County for damage he did to the jail when he escaped.

His restitution totals more than $7,000. Whatever balance remains unpaid upon his release from prison will be paid in $200 monthly installments.

Cabrera did not receive the maximum sentence of two-and-a-third to seven years, despite support from District Attorney Lawrence Friedman.

Cabrera’s public defender asked Noonan to consider that Cabrera never had any contact with law enforcement prior to his early summer crime spree. He noted that Cabrera had a mental health and drug problem, including the use of bath salts.

Noonan, though, said there are multiple indications that Cabrera believes the normal rules of society do not apply to him.

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