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“It’s a very easy mission to do because the reward at the end is really the closure for many families. It’s something that can’t be measured in words.”

That’s retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Steve Bunch who is speaking at a lecture at GCC’s Medina Campus along with his wife about how forensic science is aiding in the recovery of America’s MIA and POWs.

Steve and Dr. Ann Bunch – a board-certified forensic anthropologist and associate professor of criminal justice at the College at Brockport – will speak at 7pm at the campus in recognition of Veterans Day.

“Our intent is to show the partnership between the MIA search and recovery operation -- which is the nation’s commitment to our fallen war-dead that were left behind on the battlefield -- and the forensic science field in general, and how that partnership has flourished in recent times with mitochondrial DNA and other techniques," Bunch said. 

Steve and Ann’s expertise blend together perfectly to provide a multi-faceted, real-world view of how forensic science is making sure veterans aren’t forgotten.

Steve says his biggest mission is to help people not give hope.

“The importance is in remembering," Bunch said. "The greatest tragedy is to be forgotten. Even though we have these days each year to remember – Memorial and Veterans Day – remembering that there is an active mission that is maintaining a commitment to bring everyone home is important, and not everyone is aware of that.”

Steve says his wife will have plenty of information on the scientific process of identifying remains, as she is a former member of the U.S. Army’s Central Identification Lab.

The lecture at the Medina Campus is free and open to the public tonight.

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