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All hunting accidents are preventable. That’s the message from State Police on the eve of hunting season.

Although 2011 tied for the safest hunting season in New York on record, there were four fatalities in the state due to hunting accidents.

Troopers strongly encourage wearing orange hunting apparel and advise knowing your exact location in case an accident happens.

“A lot of incidents we get, hunters carry cell phones, but when they call to report an accident they aren’t exactly sure where they are," Troop A Commander Major Christopher Cummings said. "So then we have to implement a search to first locate them, and then address the incident that occurred.”

Major Cummings says accidents happen when hunters feel complacency or excitement, depending on the person’s experience. He says have a good time, but don’t be lax: always have the safety on, always leave your hand off the trigger unless you’re ready to shoot, and always be sure of your target.

Ultimately, Troopers say, it’s the hunters’ responsibility to be safe.

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