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Cyber Monday – the online equivalent of Black Friday – could result in up to $2 billion in sales in the U.S....and a local business is getting in on the action.

Oliver’s Candies at 211 West Main in Batavia has a strong web presence and ships all over the country and internationally.

“Right now it’s about five percent of our sales which is a pretty good amount," General Manager Bob Pacer said of his company's web sales. "And that’s up one percent from last year. We thought it would be more but because of the economy, (the number) stayed down there a little bit.”

Pacer says his web sales are increasing, “even more now because that’s what happening with this generation of people.”

Pacer doesn’t have a good idea yet on Cyber Monday totals for Oliver’s. He says most of the online sales occur after 5 pm and into the very early morning but he monitors the sales throughout the day.

From now until Christmas, Pacer says the store ships out between 200 and 300 packages a day, and consumers don't need to worry about the product lasting until Christmas Day.

“We’re manufacturers so we’re producing stuff every day," Pacer said. "And this time of year, the oldest product you would get would be no more than 30 days old.”

Hardly a problem when it comes to homemade candy.

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