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In a stunning assertion, Defense Attorney Paul Cambria suggested this morning during opening statements in the murder trial of Scott Doll, that Doll’s own son might be the killer of Joseph Benaquist.
"My client didn’t kill his friend Joe Benaquist,"Cambia said, rather he held him in his arms – mortally injured by someone else - as he took his last breath.
According to Cambia, as Joe Benaquist lie dying, he muttered to Scott Doll,  “the boy, the boy.”
The 'boy,' Cambria said, could mean Doll’s 27-year-old son Josuha, who also had frequent business dealings with Joe Benaquist.
The three men, Joe Benaquist, Scott Doll and Joshua Doll, bought and sold cars together.
The dying statement of Joe Benaquist haunted Scott Doll, according to Cambria, the mere suggestion that his son may have inflicted the fatal beating on his friend.
Cambria told the just the jury in his nine minute opening statement that he will "demonstrate" that Scott Doll was not the person who killed Joseph Benaquist.
In a brief opening statement, Genesee County District Attorney Lawrence Friedman told the jury that when they connect the dots of the case, through the testimony and evidence, it will lead them to only one conclusion: the guilty of Scott Doll.
Today marked the first day of testimony in the trial of Doll, 46 or Corfu. He is accused of beating the 66-year-old Benaquist to death on February 16, 2009.

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