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New York State has been at the forefront of gun control legislation discussions since the Newtown, Conn., school massacre in December.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver believes gun control legislation is "achievable" in Albany. Silver has been in a war of words with Senate Republicans over who has been holding up potential gun control legislation, with each side blaming the other.

Meanwhile, District attorneys around the state are pushing new proposals to help curb gun violence in the state. The District Attorneys Association of the State of New York has introduced numerous proposals the group says addresses a wide range of issues that contribute to "senseless gun violence." Among the proposals is a statewide ban on high-capacity magazines and a law that would call for ammunition micro-stamping.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, in addition, will be proposing one of the country's most restrictive bans on assault weapons.

New York is one of several states that already ban at least some assault weapons but Cuomo wants to expand the number of guns and magazines that fall under the existing law. He also wants to make it harder for gun makers to make changes in their weapons to circumvent the ban.

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