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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says gun violence has been "on a rampage" and therefore the state needs a gun policy that is reasonable and balanced. 
"We must stop the madnes my friends. And in one word, it's just enough."  
In his State of the State address yesterday, Cuomo proposed a seven point legislative program that includes ending the risk of high capacity assault rifles and a ban on high capacity magazines.  Cuomo would also require that any gun sale in New York State between private parties be subject to the same background checks as those done through gun dealers.
"We need a gun poli8cy in this state that is reasonable, that is balanced, that is meansured. We respect hunters and sportsmen. This is not taking away people's guns."   
In their official responses to Cuomo’s address, Batavia’s two state legislators, Assemblyman Steve Hawley and State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer, made no mention of Cuomo’s gun control proposals.

The Greece police officer credited with saving lives during the deadly Christmas Eve shootings in Webster will receive a public honor later this month.  Officer Jon Ritter will be honored by Town of Greece officials during a public ceremony January 15th at Town Hall.  The 19-year veteran is credited with saving lives for establishing a perimeter and keeping people away from the scene in Webster last month when gunman William Spengler fatally shot two Webster firefighters and wounded two others.

The City of Batavia has opened bids for a new trash and recycling service that will change the way garbage will be picked-up and paid for.
That service has been handled for 30 years under a contract with the Genesee ARC, the agency that provides work for persons with disabilities.
The ARC was one of four bidders.
ARC Executive Director Donna Saskowski said they submitted a plan that partners the ARC with two private companies:
"By putting those two companies together we were able to come up with a very responsible and competitive bid and something that will keep people in Genesee County employed." 
Saskowski said the ARC’s bid was not the lowest or highest of the four bids received.
Curiously, the city officials refused to neither provide copies of the bids nor provide any explanation of the bids.
Reporters were forced to resort to legal steps under the Freedom of Information Act to retrieve those public documents.
City management has proposed that the cost of trash pick-up be changed to a user fee system and that every user of the system be issued plastic totes to stuff your trash and recyclables into. 

There are plans to help the women in New York State.  Cuomo has unveiled his Women's Equality Act, saying it includes guarantees of equal pay, and protections of a woman's right to choose.  In addition, the governor says components of the Act would strengthen human trafficking laws, and address sexual harassment in the workplace.

And the governor continues to push education reform.  In his State of the State address, Cuomo proposed a grant program for schools to help improve student success.  The governor also says New York will move forward with a plan to make pre-kindergarten for high-needs children a full-day experience.  In addition, Cuomo wants to see the creation of a state "bar exam" teachers would need to pass to be properly certified as educators in New York State.


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