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Duffy Speaks at GCC About State of the State

Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy was in Batavia today and spoke at GCC about Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address.

While driving home the main messages about Upstate economic development, education reform, gun control legislation and women’s rights, Duffy also paused to discussed the issue of unfunded mandate relief, which was not addressed Wednesday by Cuomo
“There’s been a lot of work on the underpinnings of mandate relief," Duffy said. "I personally went to a lot of the mandate relief council meetings and listened firsthand. There’s work being done. There are not any big announcements to be made right now but there are a number of things happening."
Duffy insists the Governor is giving “a lot of time, energy and attention” to the issue, but says it’s not a unilateral effort. He says the Governor has a new local government initiative to look at structural issues with their finances to assist them.
Governor Addressing Minimum Wage Hike, Women's Rights Following State of the State
Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address was just two days ago, and now he’s working to keep his word about the bold agenda he set forth.
The Governor is optimistic he'll be able to get a minimum wage increase bill pushed through the Legislature. Cuomo fought for a minimum wage hike last year that had initially been proposed by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, but the plan died in the Republican-led Senate.
Cuomo says he thinks the proposal has a better chance this go-round since it has the support of roughly 80 percent of voters and a new Senate leadership coalition of the Independent Democratic Conference and Republican senators.
Cuomo also continues to push his women's equality measure introduced in his State of the State address. 
Cuomo met with representatives of advocacy groups Thursday as he looks to build support for his plan that calls for everything from pay equality to protections of a woman's right to choose.
The Governor says he hopes to build a coalition that can spread across the state and deliver his message on the women’s equality agenda.
Still Time to Get Flu Shot
It’s not too late to get your flu shot. That’s the message from County Public Health Director Paul Pettit.
Genesee County has seen 107 confirmed cases of the flu. There were 90 all of last year and we’re just now approaching the peak of the season.
“Flu season obviously cycles," Pettit said. "You have worse years and better years so to speak as you go throughout the years. This year, for some reason, the strains coming about throughout the United States and here locally in Genesee County happen to be hitting a little harder.”
Pettit says his office is working with medical providers and pharmacies in the community to ensure there are enough vaccines. He says to stay away from the hospital if at all possible to not make it crowded.
The flu outbreak has been particularly rough in Boston, and today it even shut down a school district in Oklahoma.
Pettit say as we get later into the season, vaccines may not as be as readily available, so the best defense is to get inoculated as soon as possible.
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