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The story sounded fishy from the start. A 14-year-old female student is kidnapped by a man in a van on her way to school. Nobody sees it happen. The student later escapes her kidnapper, and walks right back to the area where she was abducted. And the first place she goes? The city school district offices.
Tonight, Superintendent Margaret Puzio was ready to defend the student front and back.
"I believe the child," she sternly told a reporter.
And a few hours later, the student confessed she made the whole thing up.

Batavia Police Officer Eric Hill explains the situation, and  now says nobody knows if the alleged abductor is even a real person.

Officer Hill says there is no word at this time on how or if the student will be disciplined by the district, or the law. He and Police Chief Randy Baker are "relieved" that there is no kidnapper at-large in the City of Batavia this evening.

Initial coverage below:

The reported abduction of a Batavia Middle School student on Monday morning was a hoax, Batavia Police and school officials reported on Monday night.The 14-year-old girl said she was abducted by a man at the corner of Washington Ave. and State St. while she was walking to school. On Monday night, the girl admitted she fabricated the story to cover her whereabouts during the time she was "allegedly" abducted.

Police said they were continuing to investigate just where the girl was during the time she was "missing."

During a police briefing earlier on Monday evening School Superintendent Margaret Puzio said, "I believe the child," when asked if she thought the incident might be a hoax. During the same briefing police began to express doubts in the girl's story but said they would proceed to investigate the incident as truthful.

Less than three hours after that briefing, Puzio issued a telephone alert message to parents that the repoirted abduction, "was not an abduction" at all.

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