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A tearful, emotional Scott Doll declared in testimony: he did not kill Joseph Benaquist.

Doll was called to the stand in Genesee County Court this morning by his attorney, Paul Cambria. In about 45 minutes of testimony, Doll went over details of vehicle transactions that occurred between him and Joseph Benaquist under Doll’s used car business.

Then, they moved on to the night of February 16th, 2009. Doll says he went to Adesa Auction Lot in Akron, NY to meet Joseph Benaquist. Benaquist never showed up. Doll drove about 5 miles down the road to Benaquist’s house. When he arrived, Doll found Joseph Benaquist struggling under a Nissan Pathfinder in the driveway, with blood all over him. Doll says he held Benaquist up in his arms so the man wouldn’t hurt himself further. Doll says he kept asking Joseph Benaquist what had happened; as Benaquist muttered and mumbled through extensive injuries, all Doll could hear him say was “The boy. The boy.”
Doll became emotional as he recounted the moment he realized “the boy” might be his son Joshua Doll. Joshua was heavily involved with Joseph Benaquist in the Adesa auctions.

Near the end of testimony, Doll could barely recount the rest of that fateful night, saying he only knew how he had felt, and not what had happened, because as he said, “I had just seen my friend die in my arms.” Attorney Paul Cambria’s final question for Doll was: “Did you kill Joseph Benaquist?”
Doll fought through tears to say: “No, I did not.”

Scott Doll was cross examined by District Attorney Lawrence Friedman. He is now off the stand in Genesee County Court.

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