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A Batavia Middle School student has been suspended after officials found a BB gun in the student’s locker yesterday. Superintendent Chris Dailey describes what happened:

“It came to the attention of our middle school administration," he said, "that a student might have chewing tobacco or cigarettes on school property. During a search of the student’s locker while looking for tobacco and checking his backpack, they found a BB gun. It’s district policy that that’s against the code of conduct. They turned the BB gun over to city police and the student has been suspended.” 

At the time, the police were called in, the BB gun was confiscated, and the parental telephone system was activated.

Dailey says that parents were notified via the telephone system last night to help quell rumors that the incident was more serious than it was.

The student is not being identified. Dailey says after the five-day suspension, the district will go through the process of a superintendent’s hearing based on the code of conduct.

Dailey said there were no threats and no indication the student intended to hurt anyone. He described it as a poor choice by a young kid.

City of Batavia Police Chierf Shawn Heubusch said in a statement, "Both the School and the Police Department will use the proper procedures to ensure all are safe and the person responsible is dealt with in accordance with the proper procedure in place for juveniles who violate school rules and New York State laws."

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