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Some New York lawmakers are proposing adding $25 million to the state budget to help undocumented immigrants go to college. 

Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is proposing that people who went to high school New York, even if they are here illegally, should be eligible for New York's college Tuition Assistance Program. 

Supporters say it will help young people, many of whom already act like citizens, become productive members of our society. Opponents say the state cannot afford it, and that it's simply not fair.


Senator Chuck Schumer is joining the growing list of those opposed to new rules allowing small knives to be carried onto airplanes. Schumer says allowing knives and other items such as hockey sticks and billiard cues poses a safety threat. 

The TSA recently announced plans to allow many items that had been banned since soon after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Schumer says TSA officials will be distracted having to measure knives and other items as people travel through security checkpoints.

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