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As the state budget agreement process advances, the Genesee ARC is on high-alert since it risks losing about $600,000. That’s if a provision is passed that cuts $120 million to voluntary service agencies geared to assist people with developmental disabilities.

State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer says advocates for the ARC have been steadfast in expressing their concern to him. He says the proposal originated from the fact that many New York City CEOs of similar agencies were making seven-figure salaries, but that is not a problem in Genesee County or even Upstate New York.

“We are trying to rearrange priorities within the budget to restore some of the cut that the governor has made and taking it from areas where, from our judgment – my judgment, in particular – the funds are not needed," Ranzenhofer said. 

No state agencies that service people with developmental disabilities are affected by the cuts.
Ranzenhofer says the discussions in the senate have been fruitful and he says he’s keeping the best interests of private, voluntary and not-for-profit agencies in mind.

“I can’t predict with 100 percent certainty of how it’s going to resolve," Ranzenhofer said, " but we are trying to improve the situation from where these agencies started off after the governor released his budget.”

Reports say the budget gets closer to approval each day.

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