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Changes are coming to New York State's new gun control law. 

Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders say discussions are being held to alter the law to allow magazines that carry 10 rounds. The law put in a new limit of seven rounds, but Cuomo says a seven-bullet magazine doesn't exist which makes that part of the ban problematic.

However, Cuomo said New Yorkers will only be allowed to keep seven rounds in the magazine unless at shooting ranges and competitions.

The news comes as the state Rifle and Pistol Association reportedly plans to file a lawsuit today against the SAFE Act.

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# Ed
Thursday, March 21, 2013 9:16 PM
Too little too late Cuomo. This little concession will not be enough. Allow me to hand my rifles down to my own children, not force me to undergo a background check to buy ammo (and pay for my own background check) and don't force a law abiding citizen to have to register like some sex offender and we might have a deal.
Until then, you and everyone who supports you are nothing to me.

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