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For several months last year, the Village of Attica suffered through an awful smell and questionable air quality and now the Department of Environmental Conservation is finalizing a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Under the terms of a Consent Order, Hillcrest Industries will establish a $100,000 fund to be used for an Environmental Benefit Project in the Village of Attica. It will undertake a number of pollution control measures for violations of state environmental standards over the past year. Hillcrest was determined to the cause of the stench with an enormous, smoldering recycling pile at its facility. The fire was knocked out in October.

The Order requires Hillcrest to reduce facility emissions, comply with a remedial schedule, fund environmental monitoring services to be performed by a third party contractor and designate an employee as an on-site Environmental Compliance Officer. The Order also prohibits Hillcrest from accepting additional coal slag and requires that all materials on site be properly processed and stored. An additional $300,000 penalty is suspended, provided Hillcrest is timely in complying with the Order and adheres to the remedial schedule.

Hillcrest Industries manufactures abrasive blasting media and recycled glass material at its facility.


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