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It’s a modern parable. And while the theme is not the subjectivity of breaking the law, it is about kindness and compassion.

When Michael Penvose and Officer Emily Clark crossed paths Saturday, it was because the former shoplifted from the Dollar General in LeRoy.  

The 33-year-old panicked there when he didn’t have the funds needed to purchase a thermometer for his ill infant daughter who was burning up. He was charged with petit larceny by the LeRoy Police Department. But that's when Officer Emily stepped in again.

“She was like, ‘Before you leave, I bought you a thermometer because your story was serious and your story was true. You need to go home and take her temperature,’” Penvose recalled.

“I’m not condoning the fact that he had stolen it, certainly," Clark said. "It’s just that I can appreciate having a sick child. Just the situation he was in – how do you not have sympathy for somebody who can’t afford something for their child. It’s a necessity.”

Penvose is still facing a misdemeanor charge, but is grateful for the generosity.

“When she did that for me, I was shocked," Penvose said. "I was like, ‘Wow.’”

“I don’t do it for any recognition," Clark said. "I guess if I was in that situation I would want someone to do that for me. We’re not just cops, we’re people, too. It’s not part of the job, but I guess I kind of like being able to do that as part of the job.”

Story originally reported by our news partner, The Batavian.

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