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The train investigators say was targeted by al-Qaeda terrorists would have passed through the city and town of Batavia.  
Officials say the train eyed by the terrorists would have traveled from Toronto to New York City, crossing into the U.S. on the Whirlpool Bridge.  
The track crosses Ellicott Street on the city’s south side and travels under Route 5 in the Town of Batavia.
Officials say the attack was in the planning stages and the public was not in imminent danger when the arrests of two alleged terrorist were made.  
Officials believe the men were receiving support from al-Qaeda in Iran to help carry out their attack.

The reconstruction of Cedar Street from Main to Ellicott is scheduled to begin the first part of July.
The $3-million project will restore the road surface, install sidewalks and improve pedestrian access between Lions Park and the DeWitt Recreation area. City Council was briefed on the project last night. 
The scheduled work will also improve the clearance of the DL&W Railroad Bridge, that’s the overpass closest to Ellicott Street.
The construction will involve raising the bridge by about one-foot and lowering the street level by six inches.
Work on the entire project is expected to be completed by May of next year.

The City Council seems happy with proposed new rules for city park pavilion rentals.
Council voted last night to move the measure to the next next business meeting on May 6.
The new rules eliminate the need to file an event application if your gathering is more than 75 people. It also allows for amplified music, use of reasonably sized grills.
You can still put up a tent, or use a bounce house, but you will be required to fill out a detailed event application and pay a fee. 

Lakeside Memorial Hospital in Brockport is closing. 
The full closure will take place by the end of the month after the state rejected a five-million-dollar grant request.  Lakeside had hoped to use the money to help the facility transition to an outpatient and diagnostic care facility.  Lakeside is $25-million in debt, and the closure will mean the loss of around 200 jobs.

James Pontillo of Oak Street in Batavia fell into what he says was a sink hole.
Pontillo says he fell about five feet below the surface. He was not hurt.
The city DPW is trying to determine the cause of the hole.
They say it's possible that Pontillo’s yard may be above an old sewer line.


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