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Tomorrow is the deadline for New York pistol permit owners to submit their opt-out forms to keep their information private.

Keeping pistol permit records private is a provision of the SAFE Act, New York’s gun control law, which also expands the assault weapons ban and limits magazines to seven rounds. The state Pistol and Rifle Association has an ongoing lawsuit because it says the law infringes on the second amendment.

The opt-out requests have overwhelmed County Clerk offices statewide, including here in Genesee County. But County Clerk Don Read says that his office has kept up with the forms and that they should be processed by the deadline.

“All that we have with the exception of maybe 100 that are over at the judge’s office for his signature and approval -- which is generally pretty routine – but they’re all processed and we have them on file," he said. 

Read’s office dealt with the frenzy for months after the law went into effect. It was handling 30 to 40 request forms a day but it has tailed off recently to about 15 a day.

Read says he estimates about 60 percent of pistol permit holders in Genesee County have submitted their forms on time, or about 4,900 people. Read says you can still get your forms in past the deadline tomorrow.

“That deadline (tomorrow) is just the mandatory restriction of not releasing any names or addresses. Say somebody (submitted) it Friday” Read said hypothetically, “and you came in on Thursday to find out their name and address. Technically, you could do it.”

However, once the form is processed -- even after the deadline -- information will be kept private.

Visit the County Clerk’s office or website for more information.

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