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The Batavia City Council will be asked tonight to weigh in on New York’s SAFE Act, the controversial gun control law.
Council members will be asked to vote on a measure calling for the repeal of the SAFE Act.
A number of county and municipal governments upstate have approved similar measures.
The Batavia City Council meets tonight at 7.

Residents of Ellicott Avenue and Buell Street you get a one-day reprieve from construction work. 
The city is postponing paving operations because of the impending rain. Paving operations have been rescheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, from 7 AM to 7 PM for Buell Street first and then moving to Ellicott Avenue. Rain date for tomorrow will be Wednesday, June 12th

Beware of bear in LeRoy.
LeRoy Police say there have been some anecdotal bear sightings in the area around Hartwood Park. A resident reported his bird feeders destroyed and footprints in wet grass indicating a bear.
Police advise residents to keep their garbage secured and bring their feeders in at night.
If you see a bear, leave it alone.

A new report indicates that the Buffalo-Niagara area is lagging behind when it comes to high tech jobs.  
The Brookings Institution report says that there are over 90-thousand jobs in the Buffalo-Niagara region that require a background in science, technology, engineering or math.  

However, the region is not keeping pace with Rochester, Albany and other New York metropolitan areas.  

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# Brian Graz
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 1:01 AM
I emailed my councilman Cipillone prior to this meeting to tell him to support the resolution to Repeal the SAFE Act. Here's his response to me.

Thank you Mr Graz for your input.

However I have read the Safe Act and do not see how it infringes the 2nd Amendment. I support the SAFE act as 140 State legislators did when it was voted in.

Although each of the major point of the act may delay a the sale or purchase of a firearm it does not stop it, except in the case of automatic weapons which again I support the ban.

If it saves one innocent life then it was worth it.

Obviously Cipillone has no understanding or respect for Constitutional liberties or guarantees.

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