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The couple caught by police allegedly having sex on a park picnic table said they were just "chatting," when approached by the arresting officer on Friday night.

"I know that he had said 'What are you doing?'" Officer Eric Hill reported at a  news conference this afternoon. "And...she had commented to him that they were just talking and hanging out.  Which was not the case."

Officer Matthew Baldwin made the arrest.

Officer Eric Hill says Suzanne Corona and Justin Amend were engaging in intercourse on that picnic table in Farrall Park. Amend had his pants down at the time. Corona’s specific state of undress is unknown.
Apparently, Justin Amend did not know that Suzanne Corona was married, and so he has not been charged with adultery. Only Corona faces the rare misdemeanor count.  Both are charged with public lewdness.

Officer Hill did confirm that Suzanne Corona lives just around the corner from Farrall Park, on Osterhout Avenue in the city.
A phone call from a witness led to that arrest on Friday. It’s been reported that children were also playing nearby that evening.

The couple has another date together in Batavia City Court Tuesday afternoon.


PHOTOS: Suzanne Corona (top left); Justin Amend (bottom right)
Courtesy, Batavia Police Department

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