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The newest walk-in heath care clinic in Batavia has filed an anti-trust suit against United Memorial Medical Center.

Insource Healthcare, which operates in the Batavia City Center, is accusing the local hospital of conspiring with the area’s largest health insurance company to keep patients away from Insource. 

“I do find it absolutely reprehensible that any member of Genesee County that’s insured by Health Now can travel 40 miles to Erie County and go to any of 22 urgent care sites and be fully covered for their urgent care visit; but they cannot come to the newest one on Main Street, Batavia,” Insource President Mark Celmer said. “I find that just absolutely reprehensible.”

UMMC has declined comment.

The lawsuit names UMMC and Health Now, the regional franchisee of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Insource is also alleging that UMMC used its influence to keep doctors and other health care professionals from doing business with Insource.

Celmer explains what he hopes will result from the suit.

“I would like Health Now to say, ‘Genesee County residents: if you want to go to the urgent care center at the Jerome Center, if you want to go the urgent care center in LeRoy, if you want to go to the emergency room at United Memorial, or if you want to go to Insource Urgent Care Center on Main Street, Godspeed, let’s get going,’” Celmer said.

The walk-in clinics, known as urgent care centers, have popped up all over the country as a lower cost alternative to emergency room care.

UMMC operates its own urgent care facility in the Jerome Center on Bank Street, while Insource has just recently opened in the Batavia City Center

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