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Chances are you’ve sought out medical information online in the past year with 35 percent of us using it to self-diagnose. However, according to information from the Genesee County Health Department, only half of those ever see a doctor about what they found. Now the department has an idea to integrate reliable health information and technology.

When you’re in the waiting room at the Genesee County Health Department starting in September, you can use iPads to peruse health information.

The project to equip the waiting rooms with the tablets is fully funded in part through an award from The National Library of Medicine.

Public health Educator Kristine Voos says it’s to encourage patient-doctor interaction.

“People are using (technology) in their homes,” she said, “but they’re not talking to a doctor. Putting (iPads) in a clinic waiting room would definitively push that.”

There are several websites connected to the organization that offer tips, advice and medical information.

“They’re written in a way that people can connect with,” Voos said. “They’re very much understandable to most folks.”

Instructions on how to use an iPad will be clearly posted in the office.

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