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The Village of LeRoy needs some updating whether it’s new sidewalks or lighting down Main Street, but before it explores that any further, it needs to update its Comprehensive Plan.

A Comprehensive Plan should ideally be revised every decade; the Village of LeRoy’s is 12 years old. A Comprehensive Plan is a layout of community goals to further development. Trustee Jennifer Keys says they’re used to assist in the grant application process which is critical for any improvement project.

Keys says there are talks to consolidate with the Town of LeRoy’s comprehensive plan to create cohesion for the entire community’s future goals.

“It’s important for the community to know that we really want to take a look at it, kind of prioritizing the projects,” Keys said. “The (current) plan is an excellent plan, it’s a wonderful community. There has to be some reasons why we haven’t been able to achieve it. We’re trying to figure out what those barriers were and prioritizing the projects and kind of checking them off that way.”

Keys says a committee made up of a cross section of the community will be developed in the near future to assess what those goals are.

Preliminary estimates indicate the consolidation would cost about $40,000 in part to employ the same grant writer responsible for the current comprehensive plan.

The Village Board meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 7 at Village Hall.

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