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The City of Batavia has hired a neighborhood cheerleader.
She is Leanna DeRisio and she is from Batavia.She was introdu ced to City Council Monday night.
She is actually employed by a Rochester based non-profit organization called “Neighbor Works.”
The City of Batavia has signed a $24,000 deal with Neighbor Works to employ Derisio 20 hours per week.
She says her job is to create a buzz in Batavia’s neighborhoods:
"I hope to get the neighborhoods  excited about community events and working within their neighborhoods doing garden tours or blocks parties or events that will just bring people outside from their homes and work with their neighbors."
Dirisio worked for the Penny Saver for the past eight years.
Her first assignment is to organize a series of Coffee Talks throughout the city. Most will be held under pavilions in city parks.
Residents will be asked to fill out a survey to compile neighborhood concerns and list projects that will build community pride.
The contract with Neighbor Works was funded a $45,000 allocation to the ad-hoc committee Vibrant Batavia.Vibrant Batavia revealed a new logo design for the city. The logo was selected from 20 designs submitted by local graphic designers.
The city council voted 9-0 to repave the school Street parking lot for $30,000.
Construction of the the $35,000 dumpster enclosure on the site has been shelved.  Councilman John Canale said talks are underway with the Business Improvement District to pick-up the $10,000 public portion of the enclosure project, but nothing has been firmed up on that discussion.
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