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 A Rochester man is facing felony charges for allegedly selling crack cocaine in and around Batavia.

26-year-old Devon Bell, known on the street as C.J., was collared in Rochester on a secret Genesee County Grand Jury indictment.
The indictment accuses Bell of selling crack to an agent of the Genesee County Local Drug Task Force.
Bell is locked up in the Genesee county Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

More trouble reported at College Village.
19-year-old Jorden Prescott of Bethany is facing two misdemeanor counts of trespassing for being on College Village property after having been banned from the grounds.
Just this week, the Town of Batavia planning board was asked to approve additional housing units at College Village.

The heavy hand of New York State has come down again on Genesee County.
A staff analysis at the Genesee county jail results in a state mandate to hire more local corrections officials. Sheriff Gary Maha, speaking on WBTA’s Main and Center program yesterday, said it’s been 10 years since the state looked at staffing levels:
"We knew we were going to take a hit over staffing levels but we were suprised they (the state) are requiring us to hire 10 more corrections officers.  We did negotiate that figuire down, they originally wanted more than 10. We also negotiated a phase in of the 10 positions over three years."
The county estimates the hiring of new guards and supervuisors could cost local taxpayers close to $1-million dollars.

Jobs are growing in New York, but so is the unemployment rate as people re-enter the work force.
That’s according to data released Thursday from the state Department of Labor. Almost 23-thousand private sector jobs were added in August, but the unemployment rate increased a tenth of a percent to 7-point-6. For the same month, the national rate was 7-point-3 percent.
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