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Have you registered yet for the Basic STAR school tax exemption?
You have to register with the state by the end of the year in order to get the tax break next year.
Letters were sent out to all Genesee County properly owners last month, but only about half have registered.
You can do it on-line or by telephone.
You used to be able to register locally but Governor Cuomo changed it to a one-time state registration in order to reduce waste and fraud.
The new registration does not affect seniors who qualify for the Enhanced STAR benefit.

From the police blotter this morning:

19-year-old Nicholas Mungillo of Union Square, Batavia: he has been arrested for Petit Larceny.
Deputies say Nicholas boosted $138 worth of merchandise from Bed, Bath and Beyond – while he worked there.

46-year-old Patricia Herzog of Ross St., Batavia: she is also facing a charge of Petit Larceny. Deputies say Patricia took $465 worth of merchandise from Walmart.

A Grand Island woman is facing a seven-year prison term after pleading guilty to charges that she took money from her disabled daughter.  
Prosecutors say Sheri Cooney took over $18,000 from the trust fund set aside for the care of her developmentally disabled daughter.  

Rochester Police are holding another gun buyback event tomorrow.  Police say guns will be exchanged for gift cards during the event, with no questions asked.  

Unwanted ammunition is also being collected by police during the buyback. 

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