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It’s a gull problem that galls many downtown business owners.

The site of the former Latina’s Grocery in Batavia has sat vacant for several years since the market closed. Now, it's become a popular roosting site for seagulls.
The County Health Department regards the growing number of gulls as a possible public health concern. But the owners refuse to let anyone onto the roof to have a look or clean it up.

Greg Gluck, the owner of Alberty’s Drug Store which shares a parking lot with the former Latina’s, is fed up.

We spoke with one of the owners today. Tom Lewin is the manager of LKLW Properties of Buffalo, which owns the former Latina’s.
We asked Lewin if there were any plans for sale or development of the site. He said no. Lewin also said there are no plans to make such plans at any time.

Lewin refused to comment on the seagull issue. When asked if he had a reason for disregarding the public health in Batavia, Lewin called that “a loaded question,” and promptly ended the interview.

The former Latina’s is the only vacant Downtown property not locally owned. Again, it is owned by LKLW Properties of Buffalo.

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