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Election Day in Genesee County may have come and gone Tuesday but there are still races to decide.

There are two races in particular that are going down to the wire.

In the Town of LeRoy, the race for Town Justice was too close to call. Just three votes separate Scott McCumiskey and Michael Welsh.

Richard Siebert, the county GOP chair, says there will be no recount, but rather absentee ballots will be the deciding factor.

“Next Tuesday we’ll start opening them,” Siebert said. “We’ll start with LeRoy first because that’s the closest election and then we’ll go into the City of Batavia with Ed DeJaneiro and Bob Bialkowski and we’ll do that one next because it’s the next closest.”

The Genesee County Legislature District 9 which consists of the City of Batavia wards 4 and 5 had no clear winner Tuesday night with incumbent Democrat Ed DeJaneiro leading Republican Bob Bialkowski by a vote of 362-341.

Siebert says he and Democratic counterpart Dawn Cassidy at the Board of Elections will be open with the process.

“We’ll sort them out and rule on them and we’ll be open to both parties to kind of watch what we’re doing. We welcome their participation and they can see how we try to do things here in a bipartisan fashion.”

In terms of voter turnout Siebert doesn’t have exact numbers just yet but for a local election, typically 20 to 24 percent of residents hit the polls, compared to over 70 percent for presidential elections.

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