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The Batavia Business Improvement District (BID) is exploring construction of a multi-purpose building that could host the downtown public market.

(Conceptual drawing of BID Public Market facility)

BID Executive Director Don Burkel said the facility would be located at the corner of Center and Ellicott Streets. “It could be the public market, it could be the Christmas market, it could have events for the Girls Scouts or Boy Scouts to use, or community groups,” he said.
It would have a simple structure with a metal roof with wooden beams, but they’re considering including an enclosure.
Burkel said the structure could serve a variety of uses.
“It would infill that corner, which it needs on Ellicott Street,” he said, “and most of all, it’s an economic driver. It brings people to downtown. Then the business people already here may have potential customers out of this group who are shopping. What we are hoping is it will increase the volume of shoppers based on the increase of volume of vendors at the events.”
BID is in the preliminary stages of designing and planning the project. The cost would come out of its bond in conjunction with the city.

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