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Snowmobile season in Genesee County is officially underway. Trails are open as of today.

December weather in Genesee County has been very cold and very snowy, but that's a great thing for those passionate about snowmobiling. Dennis Moscicki, the president of Genesee Sno-Packers club, says snowmobiling is a great family activity that he engages in with his wife and three kids.

“Today everybody’s been waiting for all summer long to get out and enjoy the trails, enjoy the scenery and enjoy a nice ride around our county," he said.

Snowmobile trails are all over Genesee County including flat and hilly terrain. Obviously the weather conditions are important for the sport.

“As far as I see we have two warm days coming up (this week) and I don’t think those warm days will affect us too much," he said. "It will if we get a lot of rain, but the warm days will pack down the trail and give us a nice base. Hopefully the weather will get back down cold and we’ll get a lot more snow.” 

If you want to get involved with the Sno-Packers they have some events coming up in January. You can find them online or on facebook.


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