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A Genesee County drug bust with help from the federal government.

It happened early Friday morning at homes in Batavia and LeRoy. Five individuals were arrested on charges of Conspiracy to Traffic Methamphetamines. 75 grams of methamphetamine was confiscated, worth over $7,000. FBI, U.S. Attorneys, State Police, and City and County lawmen assisted in the raids.

Four of the arrested are from Genesee County: 51-year-old Kerry Ball of Basom, 40-year-old Andrew Chapman of Batavia, 44-year-old Donna Boon of Batavia, 47-year-old Donald Vanelli of LeRoy. Raids were on the Boone and Vanelli residences. A loaded semi-automatic gun was also found in Vanelli's home.

Sheriff Gary Maha said at a news conference Friday that these meth arrests are unlike past meth busts in Genesee County; U.S. Attorney Bill Hochul says the country is not tolerating dangerous drug activity - even on the small, local level.

A fifth man, 49-year-old David Cohen of Rochester, was also arrested. Lawmen say he was distributing the meth into Rochester.

The accused all face up to $2-million in fines and as much as 40 years in jail.
Investigations continue into the case. There are as many as 20 other suspects in the drug ring.

PHOTOS: top left, U.S. Attorney Bill Hochul addresses the media; above, Genesee County Sheriff Gary Maha flanked by lawmen from various national, state and local agencies

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