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WBTA's Geoff Redick studies the seagull infestation at Downtown Batavia's former Latina's Grocery



  PART I  "Flying" Under the Radar - Who's To Blame?





                PART II  Birds & Business - A Bad Blend






PART III  "Pecking" Order - The City's Seagull Solution



UPDATE: There's a new wrinkle in Batavia’s growing seagull problem.
The City of Batavia has posted a Condemnation Notice on the door of the former Latina’s Grocery. But City Manager Jason Molino explains it doesn’t mean Batavia is about to tear the building down.

"This is a process we have to go through," says Molino."The site has to be posted, they have to be notified, it has to be filed with the County Clerk's office to acquire a lien against the property, basically citing that the structure cannot be occupied until the issue is remedied - in this case, cleaned - and the property is then maintained. After 30 days, this allows the city to remedy the issue if we see fit, and then essentially charge the property owner for that remediation."

For now, the structure is simply deemed unsafe for entry. The City will still take property owner Tom Lewin to court on July 23rd. And they’re still being billed for weeding and cleaning.

"We're just taking multiple approaches," says Molino, "to try and remedy the issue."

We expect an official report from the USDA next week on the gull situation. 

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