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We’re learning more today about those Friday morning methamphetamine busts in Batavia and LeRoy.
An FBI affidavit detailing the investigation centers around the case in LeRoy. Surveillance cameras and wire-taps at the home of Donald Vanelli reveal that he was allegedly major meth dealer in Genesee County. Vanelli reportedly used coded language over the phone with the people he supplied; buyers would call and ask if Vanelli “wanted some company;” Vanelli would reply “Yes” if he had meth to sell; if not, he’d say “No,” or “it’s pretty quiet here.”
FBI agents intercepted two of those buyers on May 7th, and used them to pull off several undercover meth deals with Vanelli, leading to his eventual arrest.
Vanelli apparently dealt methamphetamines out of his two-car garage. He was supplied by several different individuals, one of them David Cohen of Rochester. He also allegedly supplied the other Genesee County residents arrested in the sting.

A migrant farm worker has died in a farming accident in the Orleans County Town of Shelby
The victim, a man who has not been identified, was apparently napping underneath a flat bed truck yesterday afternoon. Another worker, 59-year-old Armando Luna-Castillo, got in the truck and began driving it, unaware that a man was lying underneath.
The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The Orleans County Sheriff’s Department says that learning the man’s true identity has been made difficult by his questionable immigrant status.

A man wanted in San Francisco is sitting in Genesee County Jail this morning. 24-year-old Thomas Dodson of Rochester was arrested on Sunday at a convenience store on Park Road.
County Sheriff’s Deputies say Dodson left his backpack in Batavia’s Wal-Mart. Store employees turned it over to authorities after finding drugs, drug paraphernalia, stolen prescriptions, and a stolen credit card inside. Deputies then tracked down Dodson at 48 Deli Express and arrested him.
Dodson is apparently wanted in San Francisco, Ithaca, and Rochester.
He was charged with drug counts, Possession of Stolen Property and Criminal Impersonation.
Dodson is being held without bail.

A police chase in Orleans County has an illegal immigrant in the lock-up today. 24-year-old Efrain Lopez-Contreras is charged with DWI, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, and Reckless Endangerment, among other charges and traffic violations.
Sheriff’s deputies reportedly spotted Lopez-Contreras speeding on Route 31 in Albion Saturday night. They pursued him. The chase eventually turned onto Route 98, headed south through the Town of Barre. Lopez-Contreras then stopped his car and apparently tried to flee on foot. The arresting Deputy Tasered him twice and cuffed him.
The U.S. Border Patrol has placed a detainer against Lopez-Contreras. They say he is in the country illegally.
Lopez-Contreras lists no address. He is locked up on 2-thousand dollars bail.

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