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Monday we told you about an animal abuse case in the City of Batavia and now we have an update on the dog involved.

Nina Kelso, 29, of Hutchins Street was charged with torturing or injuring an animal and for failing to provide proper food. Police said a pit bull she owned was found to be extremely malnourished and was not able to stand on its own.

Dr. Fran Woodworth of the State Street Animal Hospital treated the dog and said he was mentally abnormal and depressed.

“I don’t know how much of that was just because of his starvation,” she said, “or, the officers told me his owner said that he had gotten into some potentially toxic substances like cigarette butts, or some incense oil or something along those lines; that was why he was in the position he was in and he had lost all this weight in just a couple of days.”

The dog had an intestinal infection and was “overloaded” with worms, had sore spots and was blind, she said.

The State Street staff monitored the dog for 12 hours and was not sure initially if he would make it, “but he looked better in the morning and was willing to eat,” Dr. Woodworth said. “By midday the next day he was on his feet eating and, slowly, improved from there. The Volunteers for Animals came in and placed him in a foster home.”

Dr. Woodworth hasn’t seen the dog since Saturday but says she would have been informed of there was regression in his health.

She says it’s impossible to tell for sure if the dog ingested toxins because they are short-lived in the system.

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