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Fire at the Walden Estates apartment complex over the weekend caused an estimated $50,000 damage.
The fire broke out in an unoccupied apartment on Saturday night.
Neighbors heard the smoke alarm go off and called 9-1-1.
Authorities determined the fire started in the living room and caused smoke damage throughout the two story apartment.

An important religious icon is missing from St. James Church.
Batavia police were notified over the weekend that a silver chalice is missing from the church.
Church officials believe the chalice was stolen sometime last week.

Batavia Police bust up an underage drinking party on State Street.
20 year old John Astrologo and 19 year old Evan Horton were arrested for allegedly hosting the party Saturday night.
Two teenagers were ticketed, one for having alcohol the other for pot possession.

The Virginia man who shot and killed a Chautauqua County school superintendent in a jealous rage will be sentenced today.  Anthony Taglianetti was convicted at trial of second degree murder last fall, and is facing a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison.  Taglianetti apparently intercepted sexually explicit e-mails between his wife and Clymer Superintendent Keith Reed in September of 2012.

New York Senator Charles Schumer wants to restrict the use of data that companies collect from your car.  He says while GPS, car-to-car communication and black boxes are great for safety they, pose a threat to privacy.  Schumer says carmakers know where every single driver goes and what he's doing.  Schumer is asking the Federal Trade Commission and the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration to draft new guidelines for what carmakers can do with the information they're getting.  A study by the Government Accountability Office shows the data is already being sold to advertisers.  

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