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If you’re feeling zapped by your electricity bill this month, you’re not alone. Chance are, your National Grid bill has doubled this period from last year.

The first factor in the escalated bills is, of course, the harsh winter. And it’s not just here, but all across the country.

National Grid Spokesperson Steve Brady says much of the energy provided to customers is produced by generators using natural gas. Natural gas of course is also the most popular home heating fuel nationwide.

That spiked demand dramatically as the weather continued to stay frigid, driving up the price of natural gas.

From there, Brady says, there are trickle down effects.

“As the supply of natural gas started to get tight, many of those generators are required to switch from natural gas to an alternate fuel,” he said. “The benefit is that it saves natural gas for home heating; the downside to it is that typically the fuel they are switching to is even more expensive.”

The sticker shock is common in Genesee County, but should subside when it gets warmer.

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