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The Batavia Police Department Emergency Response Team got some training in this morning on West Main Street.

In SWAT-team-like uniforms and equipment, Assistant Chief Rob Yaeger said they practiced warrant execution, a barricade gunman scenario and hostage situations.

The training took place at a house set to be demolished next week. Yaeger says the vacant has been a valuable training tool for both the city fire and police departments.

“Today we were able to use it; the fire department’s been using it and today it was available to us,” Yaeger said. “We’ve been taking advantage of that situation because it’s very similar to most of the type of calls we’d get.”

Yaeger says this kind of training happens every six months to a year, but working in an actual house is most helpful.

“It’s very useful,” he said. “Usually we’ll try to train at the fire training center or try other buildings but nothing beats having the real deal. They present so many of the unique situations that you run into with houses. Houses look very similar on the outside but on the inside, no two are alike.”

The owners of Castilone Chrysler – Steve Castilone and Greg Strauss – made the vacant house available to the departments as they’re expanding their current location. The houses at 310 and 312 are slated for demolition starting Tuesday.

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